Wednesday, 6 August 2014

eternal horizons

Between the cross crashes of the mid-month waves
The noisy disquiet attempts to recapture,
The five tempestuous elements that have been left for dead,
Goes forth to pull me
Toward the night’s foaming, expansive exhibit of desire
… Don’t try so hard;
I’d gladly yield

Who is that?
A rhinestone ring on a rotting toe
Beams at me
The back of the foot lined,
Designed to delight an astrologer of feet
Destiny that he and I meet?
The raw boat of planks with a solitary light;
That hangs from a decomposing rod?

Would I sail into salt and serenity?
Lands of pure serendipity
Perched on a stranger,
Who nods gently;
Clothed in fossil weed,
Cloaked in the wisdom of disappointing history?
Into the land of air,

And eternal horizons?

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